Elementor #1082

  • August 4, 2018

Our Gold Standard Audio + Digital Services.

We offer top of the line, affordable studio space to the artists in the area, and from around the globe (Contact Eiman for our private and out of town packages, everyone is welcome). We have private sessions, professional sessions with renown Audio Engineers, session musicians, and optional outside partner branding packages to get your album or career off the ground inside and outside the booth. San Diego’s a great home for Gold Standard Studios and Engineering, we’re proud of our studio space, and we’re hope to help you reach goals, produce amazing music with a great group of people. Gold Standard has been a pivotal point in many recording artists careers, and now we’re out there for the rest of the world to come in and work with us. We’re not just out to lend a hand in helping talented artists create their own masterpieces to spec., we’re there to take all artists to the next level regardless of genre, vocation, or intention. We’re here for our community and aspiring youth as well, ask about some of our programs that we want to be introducing down the line, but first come out to the studio and meet the crew.

 We want all the musicians, voice-over artists, and professional recording artists to leave satisfied, and with a finely recorded and engineered product that all of us can be proud of and can be just how the artist intended. 

   We support our clients, famous, up and coming, and those just recognizing their passions and finding their way in their careers and music. Gold Standard is for everyone, we hold ourselves to the highest standard. For any up-and-coming musicians wanting to go out and conquer their dreams, we’re right here. Do not wait to get in the booth and follow those dreams. Between artists’ talents, supporting crews, and our staff and facilities, there’s nothing getting in between you and your work. We’re so confident in ourselves and our engineers that we know you’ll be happy and confident walking out with nothing less than the “Gold Standard” of audio engineering and recording made from your blood, sweat, and artist genius.

Gold Standard Studios has one of the most kick ass videographers on staff, and within the studio, all services are there to help propel you in this chapter of your life, and these guys can do it. On top of the videography studio, inside the studio, are a number of digital media packages available to outside and local artists needing a brand and a reputable name to stand behind them with their unwaivering support for the artist and their career. If you are someone looking for high-resolution video, 4K Retina-ready Content, or if you’re a corporate establishment needing commercial-grade videography done in a studio by one of the best Audio Video studios in the State then you must get ahold of us. We have excellent inside and outside partners who can, if packaged together provide you with an incredible deal whether it’s to advance a music career, shoot incredible drone footage for Youtube and Video Advertising, we’ve got that covered 100%. *
For artists, this is just another excellent perk and opportunity to put you out there where you need to be with the exposure levels that are near-necessity in order to break into a business without knowing anyone. If you choose to run your own ship in the studio, that’s freaking awesome! However, if you want to discuss a more manageable inclusive package, Gold Standard Studios – Digital Services and Videography could turn you into a star, baby! Get a consultation or get a time below to discuss with Gold Standard Studios – Digital Services Management on how you could go about getting all that you need all in one stop. For those coming from out of state, we’ve got you covered as well and our affiliate can help aide in the facilitating your program based on needs, desires, records, scheduling and budget. We want to give everyone a chance, our schedule is a busy schedule but we can work with you and figure accomodation out. **